Kai Sosceles

Wordsmith | Performance Artist | Director

I want to dance 'til the day I die

I don't want dance to kill me in the process.


When you see him walk down the street, be it on Broadway or the Esplanade, Kai is an ordinary guy. Jeans and a plain white tee. That's his uniform. Nothing fancy. When you see him on a dance floor, you'll find much of the same. No El Wire. No mask. No chest-bearing masculinity.

                         But he'll captivate you, nonetheless.

Kai uses simple and complex geometry to explore space through movement. With music as his bondage, he frames, tessellates and scales points, lines and planes, drawing his audiences in with visual logic, illusion and playfulness. When the music stops, he's scribbling dance theory in gridded notebooks, looking for where the body’s limbs and joints align to what Euclid, Pythagoras and DaVinci all searched for...

                          Universal structures of mathematics.

2015 marks over half of his life spent in the pursuit of studying dance. Walking the path to mastery across 45 states thus far on a quest to build a new generation of dancers from the ground up, Kai develops students using the foundational philosophies laid by the forefathers of the Open Source movement...

                            To share freely and build upon. 

Having led worldwide dance communities, organized groundbreaking movement conferences and taught at small, medium and large scale music, movement and arts festivals, Kai has been called “inspirational,” “the kind of dancer that others want to imitate,” and that he “puts a whole new perspective on how I look at dance” with “layers of conventional and original elements.”

As he researches deeper into dance as a meditative and uplifting force using Csikszentmihalyi’s psychological concept of flowstate, Kai hopes to continue on his quest to inspire, educate and learn as a student for life in the mechanics of movement, music, entertainment and inclusion.




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I want to be more entertaining

than cats on the internet.